About Me!



Hi! My name is Amy Rawlinson and I am a British Canadian.  Before getting into my blog I first want to share some history of where and how my love for food developed.

My Mum (that is the British way of spelling it FYI!) was born and raised in Cheshire England, and has always been a magician in the kitchen. I witnessed her religiously cooking and baking from scratch as her mother and grandmother had taught her before. I was always very curious of how she could turn such basic ingredients into delicious and appetizing meals and desserts. After lots of mistakes and practice, I became excited as I slowly learnt the tricks of making soups, sauces, curries and cakes from scratch.


I still wanted to learn more so, naturally, I began obsessively watching The Food Network. I would sit on the kitchen counter, scribbling down recipes and cooking techniques for hours. Later, I started creating recipes and using new cooking techniques on my unsuspecting family. They didn't mind at all and in the context of my culinary creations they were always honest, blunt ( with the exception of my Dad who thinks everything I make is the BEST), supportive and helpful. Only a few dishes were sent to the pigs and chickens...

Upon my high school graduation, I pondered attending culinary school to further pursue my passion in the kitchen; instead I ventured across the country to a small city, Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, where I attended The University of Prince Edward Island. I completed my BSc in Applied Human Sciences, majoring in Food and Nutrition and since have become a Registered Dietitian. My love for creating delicious, healthy culinary creations in the kitchen has continued to flourish; this blog is my platform in which I may capture and share my love for food and inspire a new generation of culinary enthusiasts!  


My Food Philosophy 


Although I sometimes eat meat, I still love animals. I grew up in the country, surrounded by animals- some domestic, some for consumption, in a health conscious family. I knew how our home-grown meat came from the pasture to our dinner table, and I naively thought all animals were raised on quaint small-scale farms where the animals roamed freely eating grass and shrubs. When I was made aware of the harsh reality of factory farming, I quickly turned off all meat (well, in honesty, bacon and sausage were a little difficult to kick at first but I did eventually succeed!). After this, I was a vegetarian for several years with occasional stints of eating solely vegan meals, but ultimately decided that a flexitarian lifestyle best suited me. There is a lot of confusion around the definition of being flexitarian, but my personal definition is "a diet consisting mostly of vegetarian and vegan meals with the occasional ethically raised meat entree."  To me, ethically raised meat is free-range, grass fed, has no added hormones, and is slaughtered in a small scale slaughter house.  This is how the animals are raised on my parent's farm.

To obtain ethically raised meat, I either (a) go into my parents' freezer and grab a cut of meat or (b) when I am living in a different part of the world, I find a local farmer (usually at a farmer's market) who produces such meat.  I ask him/her questions about how the animals on their farm are raised, fed and killed. If I can't find any meat that meets my criteria (excuse the pun!) wherever I am, I happily rely on a vegetarian/vegan diet. 

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My Blog 


My blog is all about food, drinks and travel. I cook and/or bake from scratch everyday, experimenting with ingredients, preparation and cooking methods. This blog includes flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan recipes. Additionally my blog includes my culinary experiences with food and drinks from my domestic and international travels. Please follow me on my adventures in the kitchen and around the world. My cooking, baking and food photography skills are self-taught. Feel free to leave comments and/or questions.