My Mum (that is the British way of spelling it FYI!) was born and raised in Cheshire England, and has always been a magician in the kitchen. I witnessed her religiously cooking and baking from scratch as her mother and grandmother had taught her before. I was always very curious of how she could turn such basic ingredients into delicious and appetizing meals and desserts. After lots of mistakes and practice, I became excited as I slowly learnt the tricks of making soups, sauces, curries and cakes from scratch.


I still wanted to learn more so, naturally, I began obsessively watching The Food Network. I would sit on the kitchen counter, scribbling down recipes and cooking techniques for hours. Later, I started creating recipes and using new cooking techniques on my unsuspecting family. They didn't mind at all and in the context of my culinary creations they were always honest, blunt ( with the exception of my Dad who thinks everything I make is the BEST), supportive and helpful. Only a few dishes were sent to the pigs and chickens...

Upon my high school graduation, I pondered attending culinary school to further pursue my passion in the kitchen; instead I ventured across the country to a small city, Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, where I attended The University of Prince Edward Island. I completed my BSc in Applied Human Sciences, majoring in Food and Nutrition and since have become a Registered Dietitian. My love for creating delicious, healthy culinary creations in the kitchen has continued to flourish; this blog is my platform in which I may capture and share my love for food and inspire a new generation of culinary enthusiasts!